Types of Pilates Classes


Matwork is essentially exercises performed on the ‘mat’ based on Joseph Pilates original repertoire. The Pilates method is learnt from the easiest level first and then progressed through to advanced exercises once adequate control of the body is achieved. Various small equipment is used during the classes such as weighted balls, theraband, foam roller and the magic circle. These props help with muscle strengthening, stretching, agility and balance.  Standing exercises like squats and lunges are incorporated into the program as they help us train for specific sports and are healthy for our bones.

Pilates not only improves core stability but also works the mind. Concentration and mental focus are used to firstly engage the core and then, secondly, to maintain the alignment and control whilst performing the movements. Mindfully getting 'inside the muscles' can actually help them to strengthen.  Practising Pilates regularly can help us get a better body awareness, so we can recognise poor posture, mal-alignment and correct our muscle imbalances. This is how doing Pilates can help with recovery from sports injuries, neck or back pain.

Two of the main principles of Pilates are breathing and flow. Flowing movement fully integrates the body, mind and spirit and being aware of the breath can help with stress relief.

Pilates Classes for Children and Young People

Pilates for children

Pilates Classes for Children and Teens
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It may be unusual to think of Pilates when suggesting after school activities for children, but developing good habits and mind-body awareness early on could help prevent future pain and injuries. Many young people spend too much time sitting at their desks in school and slouching over devices in their spare time. The new Pilates program has been designed bearing in mind the developmental stages and the challenges faced by children and teens at each age.

With periods of rapid bone growth in adolescence often the muscles struggle to gain length at the same speed. Pilates can help improve flexibility, loss of co-ordination and balance. Muscle strengthening not only builds bone mass, optimising bone health in later life, but toning can help with a positive body image. Learning good sitting posture and strengthening the back and abdominal muscles can help with long periods of study. Learning to breathe correctly is a skill for life and mindful exercise can help with emotional well-being and stress relief.

If you think your child or teen would benefit from joining our classes, don’t hesitate to register your interest now. If we have eight children interested in an after school class then classes can be arranged. If not, Laura is happy to see your child on a one to one basis.


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Reformer Equipment - Laura Panaech
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The Pilates reformer is a piece of equipment designed by Joseph Pilates himself, dating back to the 1920’s in the original Pilates studio in New York. It is essentially a bed with a sliding carriage and springs, ropes and pulleys. It can be great way to enhance or progress your matwork, giving excellent feedback to the muscles and joints. One to ones on the reformer can be arranged upon request.


Enrich Pilates Studio Southampton

Enrich Pilates Studio Southampton


I recommend that every new member to my classes has a one to one first even if they have done Pilates before. Being able to engage the core muscles is a skill which needs individual teaching and lots of practice.

During the hour, I can determine which areas of the body needs more focus, provide some home exercises to practice and choose which level of class will be most appropriate. A questionnaire is filled out with your health details and your goals and a physical assessment is done using my Physiotherapy expertise.

This enables my classes to be thoughtfully planned and exercises modified to suit each individual.